Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happiness and Rivers and Tides.

While watching Rivers and Tides, I found a lot of connections to my big question. Andrew Goldsworthy literally created his own happiness-- and has spent his entire life in the pursuit of his own happiness. This film really touched me, because it showed me just how much perseverance you must have sometimes in the pursuit of your dreams. Especially when he was building the rock sculptures and they kept falling over, he amazed me with who he just kept starting over. He had such a vision in mind and was not going to quit until it was captured and created for the world.

What I found so interesting about his work is how temporary it was. He knew that the icicles would melt, that the red clay dye would wash away with the river, and that the sticks would eventually break. However, he created all of these things for the pure purpose of necessity. He believed that he owed it to the earth to showcase its beauty and unleash its potential. Andrew Goldsworthy really knew how to create his own happiness and how to create his own beauty and purpose in the world. There was something truly magical about watching him work in nature.

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